Where to find Cardboard Box in Fortnite

Fortnite just got a major upgrade with Chapter 5 Season 1, and guess what? Solid Snake’s famous Cardboard Box from Metal Gear Solid is now part of the game! This special Mythic item lets you hide and make strategic moves, giving your gameplay a super cool twist.

How to Get the Cardboard Box in Fortnite:

Getting the Cardboard Box is pretty fun. You can find it in Chests and on the ground in different places on the Chapter 5 map. But wait, there’s more! There’s a cool thing called the Hide and Heal Reality Augment. It not only gives you the Cardboard Box but also lets you heal while you’re hiding in it. Double win!

Game Fun Gets Better:

Imagine being all sneaky in a Cardboard Box! While everyone’s busy with sniper rifles this season, you can sneak around unnoticed. It’s like having your own secret weapon for a different and exciting way to play.

The Cardboard Box made its first appearance in the Fortnite v28.10 update. This happened when the Solid Snake page joined the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass party. And guess what? There’s even an EMP Stealth Camo added, giving you more cool things to try out.

Metal Gear Solid Treats:

Celebrate Solid Snake being part of Fortnite with some awesome Metal Gear Solid-themed rewards. The Cardboard Box is just one of the cool things you can get in the Season 1 Battle Pass. It’s like a tribute to the legendary Solid Snake!

FAQs: Where to find Cardboard Box in Fortnite

Where can I find the Cardboard Box in Fortnite?
Look for it in Chests and on the ground in different places on the Chapter 5 map.
Can I get the Cardboard Box in a different way?
Yes! Use the Hide and Heal Reality Augment to get the Cardboard Box and heal while you’re hiding.
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