Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Galaxy Camera: 7 Tips for Harnessing the AI Camera with One UI 6 Update

Samsung has consistently redefined the smartphone camera landscape, setting new industry standards with each Galaxy release. From introducing the world’s first 200MP camera sensor to pioneering Night Mode and Space Zoom settings, Samsung has continuously pushed the boundaries of smartphone photography. Moreover, integrating revolutionary AI features has made it easier for users to capture exceptional photos and seamlessly execute professional-quality edits.

With the latest One UI 6 update, Samsung aims to elevate the Galaxy camera experience, catering to serious photographers seeking professional-grade camera functionalities and enthusiastic shutterbugs yearning for convenient ways to capture stunning photos and videos. Here are seven key tips for maximizing the potential of your Galaxy camera with the One UI 6 update:

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App: Instantly elevate your photos and videos with optimal edits using a simple touch.

  • Sky Guide: Capture the starry night sky and allow the AI-powered feature to identify constellations, stars, galaxies, nebulas, and clusters within the image.
  • Clean Lens: Eliminate blurriness caused by fingerprints on the camera lens, ensuring your shots appear precisely as intended.
  • Slow-mo: Transform ordinary videos into captivating slow-motion shots by generating additional frames.
  • Long Exposure: Elevate short videos (60 seconds or less) by applying a long exposure effect, transforming bustling road traffic into mesmerizing light trails.
  • Single Take: This popular feature is now integrated into Enhance-X, allowing AI analysis of videos to select the best photos and clips for instant sharing. In the Enhance-X app, you can apply Single Take to motion images and previously captured videos, enabling you to make the most of a fleeting moment.
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