NYT Connections Hints and Answers for January 27, 2024

If you found today’s NYT Connections puzzle a bit challenging, you’ve landed in the right place. Let’s break down the hints, categories, and answers for the January 27 puzzle.

Hints for Today’s Connections Themes:

  • Yellow Category – Some things are supposed to hurt
  • Green Category – Do you keep an eye on things?
  • Blue Category – All found in a famous 1939 movie
  • Purple Category – Some letters are supposed to be silent

These hints give you a sneak peek into the puzzle’s categories. Take a moment to ponder, and see if you can make any connections. If you’re still struggling, hang in there – we’ve got more help coming.

Today’s Connections Category Names:

  • Yellow – HURT
  • Green – LOOK AFTER
  • Purple – SILENT “W”

Now, armed with the category names, you might be able to guess the words hiding underneath. Need a bit more assistance? Keep reading.

Connections Answer for January 27:

NYT Connections Hints

Stuck on the puzzle? Here are the answers to today’s Connections:

  • HURT – Ache, Burn, Smart, Sting
  • LOOK AFTER – Guard, Mind, Tend, Watch
  • SOUGHT AFTER IN “THE WIZARD OF OZ” – Brain, Courage, Heart, Home
  • SILENT “W” – Answer, Two, Wrist, Wrong

With these answers, you should be able to wrap up the puzzle successfully. Curious about how others tackled it? Read on.

The puzzle turned out to be quite manageable. Starting with the Green category, it was a smooth ride. The Yellow category posed a momentary challenge, but recalling the expression ‘It Smarts!’ helped crack it.

The Blue category seemed a bit like luck, but sometimes random combinations do the trick. Once that fell into place, the rest of the words followed suit, leading to a successful completion of the NYT Connections puzzle for January 27.

FAQ: NYT Connections Hints

How do I solve the NYT Connections puzzle?
Start by carefully considering the hints provided for each category. Try to make connections and think creatively. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to look at the category names for additional guidance.
Are there tips for solving the puzzle more easily?
Absolutely! Take your time, tackle easier categories first, and don’t be afraid to guess. Sometimes, it’s a combination of logic and intuition that leads to success.
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