Unraveling the Mysteries of Hollow Knight Silksong: What We Know So Far

Five years have passed since Hollow Knight enthusiasts first caught wind of Team Cherry’s much-anticipated sequel, Hollow Knight Silksong. The enigmatic game, shrouded in secrecy, continues to capture the imaginations of fans as they eagerly await its release. Here’s a comprehensive look at everything we currently know about Hollow Knight Silksong.

The Protagonist: Hornet Takes the Lead

Silksong introduces players to Hornet, a beloved character from the original Hollow Knight. Born from a magical pact, Hornet is the daughter of the Pale King and the spider queen Herrah the Beast. Armed with a needle and thread, players will step into Hornet’s shoes, embarking on a new adventure in the kingdom of Pharloom.

Release Date Uncertainty

Initially slated for the first half of 2023, Hollow Knight Silksong faced a delay as of May 2023, with no confirmed release date or launch window. Fans remain hopeful that 2024 will finally bring the long-awaited sequel to their screens.

Silksong’s setting is the kingdom of Pharloom, characterized by silk, song, and increased industrialization compared to Hallownest. Hornet begins her journey in the depths of Pharloom, aiming to ascend to the Citadel at the kingdom’s summit. The game follows an action-focused metroidvania format, allowing players to unlock new skills and weapons to navigate interconnected worlds.

Hornet’s Abilities: Swift and Competent

Distinct from the first game, Hornet boasts enhanced mobility. With the ability to swiftly scale ledges, an extended dash, and rapid midair healing, players will experience a more dynamic and physical gameplay style.

E3 2019 Demos: Verticality and Nimble Enemies

Playable demos showcased at E3 2019 revealed two diverse settings—a serene forest area and a lively dock with rivers and lava geysers. These environments emphasized greater verticality and open spaces, challenging players with more nimble and aggressive foes. Adapting to Hornet’s unique movements, including a diagonal aerial attack, added an element of challenge and excitement.

Platforms and Accessibility

Hollow Knight Silksong is confirmed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC. Excitingly, on Xbox and PC, Silksong will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

Trailers: Unveiling Hornet’s Journey

Two trailers have been released to date. The 2019 reveal trailer showcased Hornet’s captivity and subsequent escape, offering a first glimpse into Silksong’s gameplay. The 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase trailer highlighted the game’s evolution, featuring sharper movements and refined enemy and level design.

FAQ: What We’re Still Wondering

Why was Silksong delayed, and when can we expect a release date?
Team Cherry has not provided specific reasons for the delay or a new release date. Stay tuned for updates.
How does Hornet’s gameplay differ from the original Hollow Knight?
Hornet’s enhanced mobility and unique abilities bring a more dynamic and physical playstyle to Silksong.

As we await further details, the anticipation for Hollow Knight Silksong continues to grow. Stay tuned for updates on this highly-anticipated sequel.

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