Motorola Foldable Smartphone Patent for Innovative with Dual Rollable Screens

Motorola is making waves with its latest invention – a super cool smartphone with not one, but two screens! This unique device can fold and extend, offering users a whole new way to use their phones.

Double the Fun with Two Screens!

Last year, Motorola introduced the Rizr, a prototype phone that could change its display size. Now, they’re taking it up a notch with a phone that folds like a book but also has screens that can stretch out for even more space!

What’s the Buzz?

Tech enthusiast David Kowalski, aka @XLeaks7, found a patent from the United States Patent Office revealing this awesome phone concept. It’s not just your regular foldable – it’s a foldable-rollable combo!

Picture this: a square-shaped phone that unfolds like a book, just like the Pixel Fold or the Surface Duo. But wait, there’s more! The screens can also extend for an even bigger display. It’s like having a big-screen TV in your pocket!

When Can We Get One?

Well, there’s a chance we might see this cool gadget at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) happening in February. Fingers crossed!

Why is it Exciting?

Motorola Foldable Smartphone

Imagine having a phone that can do all this – fold, unfold, and stretch out for more screen. It’s like having a phone and a mini tablet in one!

FAQ – What You Need to Know: Motorola Foldable Smartphone

What’s so special about this phone?
It’s not just a regular foldable phone – it can fold, unfold, and stretch out for a bigger screen. Double the fun!
When can I get one?
There’s a chance it might be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in February. Keep an eye out!
How much will it cost?
We don’t know yet. Pricing details usually come out when the phone is officially launched.
Can it fit in my pocket?
Yes! When it’s folded, it’s like a regular smartphone, and when it’s unfolded, it gives you more screen space.
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