Lenovo Legion Go Officially Hits Retail Shelves in Malaysia at RM3,999

Excitement brews as Lenovo’s gaming handheld console, the Legion Go, is set to make its debut in Malaysian stores, just weeks after enthusiasts got a sneak peek. Preorders are gearing up to kick off tomorrow, offering eager gamers the chance to secure the device at a retail price of RM3,999.

Lenovo Legion Go Unexpected Pricing Twist

Despite initial expectations set by Lenovo’s earlier price listing, the Legion Go’s retail tag of RM3,999 raises eyebrows. Initially, the handheld console was presented with two price points: RM3,099 and RM3,399. The higher figure, as speculated, was likely reserved for the model powered by the non-Extreme Ryzen Z1 SoC. We’ve reached out to Lenovo for clarification, but as of now, there’s no response from the tech giant.

The variant hitting the Malaysian market boasts the potent AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chipset. To sweeten the deal during the preordering window, running from December 8 to 17, Lenovo offers a Purchase with Purchase (PWP) promotion. Customers placing orders during this period can snag the Legion E510, Lenovo’s 7.1 Surround RGB Gaming in-ear headphones, at a discounted price of RM249, down from the regular RM389. Additionally, Lenovo throws in a complimentary screen protector worth RM109 for all Legion Go preorders.

Lenovo Legion Go

Hands-On Insights and Upcoming Review

For those curious about the Legion Go’s performance, a detailed review is on the horizon. Having had a hands-on experience last month, our initial impressions highlighted both praises and criticisms. Readers can catch up on the first look here.

Legion Glasses Unveiled

While the preorder bundle encompasses exciting deals, it’s worth noting that the Legion Glasses, a standout accessory, are not part of the package. Though Lenovo has not disclosed a set price, the glasses, featuring a built-in micro OLED display supporting resolutions up to FHD and a 60Hz refresh rate, stand out as a versatile companion for not only the Legion Go but virtually every USB-C device, including the latest iPhone 15 Pro series.


Why is the Lenovo Legion Go priced at RM3,999 instead of the earlier-listed prices?
Lenovo has not yet provided clarification on the unexpected pricing. We await a response from the company.
What is the Legion Go preordering period, and what perks are included?
Preorders run from December 8 to 17, with a Purchase with Purchase (PWP) deal for the Legion E510 headphones at RM249 and a free screen protector for all preorders.
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