Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro to Support Landscape Face ID Camera Feature, Hints iOS 17.4 Code

Hold onto your hats, iPad fans! The next iPad Pro could be getting a cool upgrade – a Face ID camera made for landscape mode. Yep, that’s right! According to a tech detective (Steve Moser), snooping around the iOS 17.4 code, it looks like Apple might be cooking up something special.

The code spilled the beans, saying, “During Face ID setup, iPad needs to be in landscape with the camera at the top of the screen.” What does that mean? Well, it seems Apple wants to shift the front-facing camera from the top to the side, giving us a better experience when using our iPads sideways.

If you remember, the 10th-gen iPad already moved its camera to the side, making it handy for both portrait and landscape modes. And now, it seems like Apple is keeping that vibe going with the iPad Pro.

Right now, the iPad Pro is the only iPad with Face ID. So, this sneaky code might mean the iPad Pro’s camera is getting a new address. But wait, there’s a twist! Rumors are buzzing that Apple might bring Face ID to the iPad Air too. So, this change might be a double treat for iPad fans!

Landscape Face ID Camera Feature

Why the move? Well, Apple knows many of us use our iPad Pro like a mini laptop, especially in landscape mode. Shifting the camera to the side just makes sense for a smoother experience.

Word on the street is that Apple might drop the news on new iPad Air and iPad Pro models as soon as April. So, if you’re an iPad aficionado, keep those eyes peeled – something awesome might be on the horizon!

FAQs: Landscape Face ID Camera Feature

Why is Apple moving the Face ID camera to the side for the iPad Pro?
Apple wants to make using the iPad Pro in landscape mode even better. It’s all about giving us a great experience!
Will this change come to the iPad Air too?
There’s a chance! Rumors say Apple might sprinkle some Face ID magic on the iPad Air as well. Exciting, right?
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