Intel Releases Intel Arc GPU Driver Update for Arc GPUs

Exciting news, gamers! Intel just dropped a super cool graphics update, version This update is like magic for your games, especially if you have Intel Arc graphics on your computer. Let’s break it down in simple terms!

What’s in the Update?

Intel Arc graphics are getting a big boost with this update. It works for Core Ultra processors, Arc A-Series GPUs, and Iris Xe graphics. The best part? Your games are about to get way more fun!

Super Improvements in Games:

  • Just Cause 4 (DX11): If you love blowing stuff up, you’re in for a treat! Just Cause 4 on Arc A-Series GPUs now runs a whopping 268% faster. That means more explosions and more fun!
  • Apex Legends: Battle royale fans, rejoice! Apex Legends on Arc GPUs can now give you 26% more frames per second (FPS). That’s like having a smoother and more awesome game.
  • Tekken 8: Fighters, get ready! In Tekken 8, your punches and kicks get 15% faster on 4K Ultra settings. It’s like being a ninja in the ring!
  • Returnal (DX12): Remember that exclusive game? Returnal gets 8% faster at 1080p Epic settings. Now you can explore space without any lag.
  • The Last Of Us Part 1 (DX12): For the VRAM-hungry game lovers, here’s good news. The Last Of Us Part 1 now runs 8% faster at 1080p Epic Settings. More zombies, less lag!
Intel Arc GPU Driver Update

If you have a Core Ultra laptop, you’re in luck! Returnal and The Last Of Us Part 1 get 6% faster at lower settings. Plus, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth gets a massive 25% boost at 1080p High settings. It’s like giving your laptop a speed boost!

What’s Next for Intel Graphics?

This is just the beginning! With more updates and new Core Ultra processors, Intel Arc graphics are on a roll. Get ready for even more fun and excitement in your games throughout 2024!

Excited about the new Intel graphics update? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

FAQs: Intel Arc GPU Driver Update

Which game shows the biggest improvement with the new Intel Arc graphics update?
Just Cause 4 takes the lead with an incredible 268% improvement in speed!
How do Core Ultra laptop processors benefit from the update?
Laptops with Core Ultra processors get a boost in games like Returnal, The Last Of Us Part 1, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
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