Google Pixel 9 Pro Redesign Leaked: iPhone-Inspired Makeover Ahead

Get ready for a fresh look at the upcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro! Even though it’s not expected until fall 2024, some leaked pictures are already showing us what it might look like. Here’s the buzz on the changes we might see.

Big Design Shake-up:

It seems like Google is giving the Pixel 9 Pro a major makeover. The last Pixel 8 and 8 Pro already had a different style, but the Pixel 9 is taking it even further. It might have a flat frame, making it look a bit like the iPhone. The famous camera bump is also getting a makeover – instead of a bar, it could be more rounded now.

Flat Frames and Familiar Features:

Google might also make the sides of the Pixel 9 Pro flat, similar to how the iPhone 15 Pro Max looks. This seems to be a popular style lately, with other phones doing it too, like the Galaxy S24 series. Whether flat frames are your thing is up to you!

Size and Screen Talk:

Rumors say the Pixel 9 Pro might have a slightly smaller 6.5-inch screen, down from the Pixel 8 Pro’s 6.7 inches. But, some folks are questioning this info because the overall size of the phone doesn’t seem to change much.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Redesign Leaked

The leaked pics show that the Pixel 9 Pro still has three cameras on the back, including a special temperature sensor. Despite the new look, Google is sticking to its usual schedule, planning to show off the Pixel 9 Pro in October 2024. They might use a fancy Tensor G4 to power it up and could throw in some other cool stuff too.

FAQs: Google Pixel 9 Pro Redesign Leaked

When can we expect the Pixel 9 Pro to come out?
Google usually unveils its new Pixel phones in October, so that’s when we might see the Pixel 9 Pro.
What’s changing in the Pixel 9 Pro’s design?
The Pixel 9 Pro could have a flat frame, different camera bump, and flat sides, kinda like the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Is the Pixel 9 Pro getting a smaller screen?
Some rumors say yes, but people are a bit unsure because the phone’s overall size doesn’t seem to change much.
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