Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Welcomes Hotfix 7.3.0: Ritual Rewards, Exotic Tweaks, and More

Destiny 2 players, buckle up! Bungie has dropped Hotfix 7.3.0, bringing a flurry of changes to the Season of the Wish. As Guardians gear up for the next seven months of seasonal adventures, this hotfix shakes up the game’s sandbox and currency systems, ensuring an exciting journey until The Final Shape expansion hits. Here’s a breakdown of the full patch notes:

1) Ritual Rewards Get an Upgrade:

  • Ritual activities across Destiny 2 now boast enhanced rewards.
  • Base Glimmer awards have received a boost.
  • Players now have a chance to snag valuable Enhancement Cores.
  • Increased Glimmer and Enhancement Core awards for winning Gambit matches, conquering Competitive Division matches, and achieving high scores in strikes or Nightfalls.

2) Crucible’s Double Rewards and Map Returns:

  • The Crucible Director screen undergoes a facelift.
  • A double rewards booster is implemented for Crucible activities.
  • The beloved Citadel map makes a triumphant return to Crucible matches set in the Dreaming City.
  • Introducing Sparrow Control mode to spice up Crucible dynamics.
  • Adjustments to spawn points on Endless Vale, Midtown, and Meltdown maps aim to alleviate spawn-killing and trapping issues.
  • Resolved issues with Elimination’s icon on the Director screen and potential interruptions during fireteam member revives.

3) Competitive Division Overhaul:

  • Farewell to Promotion and Relegation Series in all divisions, except Adept and Ascendant.
  • Rectified issues where players were prompted to complete placement matches twice in Competitive Division.
  • Survival mode sees an increase in respawn count from 4 to 6.
  • Countdown Rush witnesses adjustments in score to win, round time, and Heavy ammo spawn time, introducing unlimited respawns and revives.
  • Destiny 2 Competitive Division rating adjustments revamped, prioritizing wins and losses while disregarding inflation protection.

These comprehensive changes aim to elevate the Destiny 2 experience, introducing exciting tweaks to the Crucible, ritual activities, and the Competitive Division. Guardians, get ready to dive into the enhanced rewards and refined gameplay as Bungie continues to fine-tune the Destiny 2 universe.

Destiny 2 Unveiled: Navigating the Rich Tapestry of the Latest Season

The cornerstone of Destiny 2’s seasonal approach lies in its ability to seamlessly weave narrative elements into the gameplay. The current season builds upon the overarching storyline that has been unfolding since the game’s inception, introducing new characters, conflicts, and mysteries. Players find themselves embroiled in the ongoing battle between Light and Darkness, facing formidable foes and unraveling the deep lore that underpins the Destiny universe.

One of the standout features of the latest season is the introduction of a new playable area. Destiny 2 regularly expands its in-game worlds, and this season is no exception. Guardians now have access to a fresh locale teeming with secrets to uncover and challenges to conquer. The new environment not only serves as a visually stunning backdrop for players but also introduces unique gameplay mechanics and objectives that add a layer of depth to the overall experience.

To complement the new setting, Destiny 2 seasons often introduce a slew of weapons and armor sets. This season is no different, with a diverse array of gear for players to acquire and customize. Whether it’s the sleek design of exotic weapons or the intricate details of high-tier armor sets, the seasonal loot pool provides ample motivation for Guardians to delve into various activities and prove their prowess on the battlefield.

In addition to new gear, Destiny 2 seasons typically revamp or introduce game mechanics to keep the gameplay experience dynamic. This season brings with it a series of tweaks and enhancements that not only cater to seasoned players but also provide a more accessible entry point for newcomers. Bungie strives to strike a balance between innovation and familiarity, ensuring that the core gameplay remains engaging while offering a fresh take on the Destiny 2 experience.

Crucible, Destiny 2’s player-versus-player (PvP) mode, sees its fair share of updates each season. Whether it’s the introduction of new maps, game modes, or balance changes, Bungie aims to keep the Crucible experience dynamic and competitive. The latest season brings a renewed focus on PvP, with adjustments to weapon balance and the introduction of seasonal challenges that encourage players to test their mettle against each other.

However, Destiny 2 is not just about individual accomplishments; it places a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Seasonal activities, often in the form of challenging missions or raids, provide Guardians with opportunities to team up and tackle formidable foes. These activities are not only a test of skill but also a means for players to earn exclusive rewards and strengthen their characters. The latest season introduces a particularly challenging activity that demands coordination and strategy, pushing fireteams to their limits.

Seasonal storytelling in Destiny 2 goes beyond static cutscenes or dialogue. Bungie employs a dynamic storytelling approach, with in-game events that unfold over the course of the season. These events can have a direct impact on the game world, leading to changes in the environment or the emergence of new challenges. This dynamic storytelling keeps players invested in the evolving narrative, creating a sense of urgency and excitement as they witness the unfolding events firsthand.

As with any live service game, Destiny 2 is not without its share of community engagement. The seasonal model encourages players to come together, share their experiences, and participate in various community-driven events. Whether it’s a global challenge that requires the collective efforts of the player base or community-driven content creation, Destiny 2 fosters a sense of camaraderie among its diverse player community.

In conclusion, Destiny 2’s latest season builds on the game’s successful formula of combining engaging gameplay with a rich and evolving narrative. With a new playable area, an array of weapons and armor, gameplay enhancements, and a focus on both cooperative and competitive experiences, the season offers a comprehensive package for Guardians to explore. As Bungie continues to fine-tune and expand the Destiny 2 experience, players can eagerly anticipate the next season, knowing that it will bring fresh challenges and adventures to the ever-expanding universe of Destiny.

For a detailed look at the official patch notes, Guardians can explore the Destiny 2 website. Happy hunting!

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