Dead Island 2 2024 finally has a Steam release date, Arrives on Steam with a Special Treat

After a year-long stint of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store, Dead Island 2 is finally making its way to Steam, set for release on April 22. To commemorate this highly-anticipated event, Valve is offering a spine-chilling freebie to horror game enthusiasts everywhere.

Dead Island 2 Release Date and Freebie Celebration

Mark your calendars for April 22 as Dead Island 2 gears up for its debut on Steam, welcoming players to the dark and dangerous world of zombie-infested Los Angeles. But that’s not all – to celebrate the occasion, Valve is generously giving away Techland’s 2013 co-op horror game, Dead Island: Riptide, absolutely free for a limited time.

Grab Your Freebie Now

Head over to Steam’s storefront without delay to snag Dead Island: Riptide – Definitive Edition at the unbeatable price of $0.00. But act fast – this offer lasts for just 48 hours! Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the heart-pounding action of this thrilling co-op adventure.

Dead Island 2

Alternate Offerings

For those seeking even more undead mayhem, consider the Dead Island: Definitive Edition bundle for approximately $6. This package includes a remastered version of the original Dead Island, along with Riptide, all DLC, and the retro-style Dead Island: Retro Revenge.

About Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide serves as a direct continuation of the original Dead Island’s gripping narrative, plunging players back into the midst of a zombie apocalypse. With familiar faces and new challenges, this co-op horror experience promises intense gameplay and chilling thrills.

About Dead Island 2

A decade after the events of Riptide, Dead Island 2 ventures into a quarantined Los Angeles, teeming with undead hordes and new survivors. While the game received mixed reviews upon release, fans of the series can expect an adrenaline-fueled sequel packed with action and excitement.

FAQ: Dead Island 2 and Freebie Offer

How long will the free Dead Island: Riptide offer last?
Valve’s special offer for Dead Island: Riptide – Definitive Edition is available for just 48 hours, so be sure to claim your free copy before time runs out!
Can I still claim Dead Island: Riptide for free if I miss the initial 48-hour window?
Unfortunately, once the 48-hour offer period expires, the freebie promotion will end, and the game will return to its regular price. Be sure to visit the Steam storefront promptly to secure your free copy.
Do I need to purchase Dead Island 2 to access the freebie offer for Dead Island: Riptide?
No, the offer for Dead Island: Riptide – Definitive Edition is available independently of Dead Island 2. Simply visit the Steam storefront during the promotion period to claim your free copy.
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